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Peter M.
2016년 4월 1일 금요일
Excellent Value For Money
I have stayed at Comfort Lodge many times, and it is the first place I think of for trips to Hong Kong. The rooms are a bit cramped, like all HK, so if you want room to turn around you must think of paying for a family room. But it is clean, and the staff are very nice. The owner is a bit of a grump, aren't we all sometimes ( I don't think he would actually mind me saying ), but the more you get to know him...and stand your ground when you have a problem, the more he comes around. When I was leaving last time he was very helpful to me, and went out and found me a taxi himself. ( which I very much appreciated ). I will continue to consider it my only place to stay when in HK.

Rio S.
2016년 1월 13일 수요일
it completely fraud, please take care. it not a hotel, its apartment more likely, we have to ring a bell to enter, all maid were wearing pajama, i've ask to change the bedcover but they just ignore me, we cannot lock the door properly, room's smell is musty. light very dimmed

Pupana K.
2015년 12월 7일 월요일
Near MTR Jordan
Near MTR, Shopping Street, Safety
+ This hotel is very near mtr jordan and shopping street - the light in the room is not enough for using

Yu T.
2015년 11월 23일 월요일
More like a Hostel
Location , friendly staff , clean rooms
It's disappointing that I did not get all the rooms as per my booking . Only 2 rooms were according to my booking . Instead of a super double room , I got a room with one double bed . The double bed is too small for 2 adults . Instead of a twin room , I was given 2 single rooms .

Richard K.
2015년 11월 9일 월요일
Location good but for slightly more expensive

Kuen T.
2015년 10월 31일 토요일
Privatcy , Quiet and Good Value
Like living in a small HK appartment. got SAFE and FRIG too.
Excellent value. Go in and out with being watch by the staffs as in most hotel. Room layout is very good and functional.

Robert C.
2015년 9월 27일 일요일
Sleep well.

Szeto Y.
2015년 8월 9일 일요일
Near MTR
Near mtr, comfortable, cheap rental

2015년 6월 24일 수요일
good hotel
near center trading
very good

Szeto Y.
2015년 6월 15일 월요일
Near MTR, cheap rental
Near MTR, cheap rental, convenience