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더 엑셀시어 홍콩 (The Excelsior Hong Kong)

281 Gloucester Road, 코즈웨이 베이, 홍콩, 홍콩

아주 좋음 8.0
이용후기 849건

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이용후기 849개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 8.0
  • 부대시설 7.7
  • 위치 9.0
  • 객실의 편안함 8.1
  • 직원 태도 8.0
  • 가격 대비 7.3
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 7.6

Lesley C.
2016년 6월 27일 월요일
Good location, spacious room, good service
Very central location and room is not too cramped for children

Norfarizan N.
2016년 6월 27일 월요일
Great location
Nearby with mtr station, shopping area and plenty of taxis coming around. Having the airport shuttle stopping at the hotel is very convenient for acccess from and to airport. Front staff are helpful and provides tips on how to get around the nearby areas.

John T.
2016년 6월 26일 일요일
Renovations were on going in some floors and they booked us at the floor right below it. I had a long flight and was hoping to take a nap before my meetings but obviously that didnt happen.

mohammed A.
2016년 6월 12일 일요일
was good

mohammed A.
2016년 6월 12일 일요일
waas good

2016년 6월 11일 토요일
I booked 1 1King 1 Queen 30 sq mt room with sea view (partial) as per AGoda but they gave me a 2 single bed room. According to the reception, we are only 2 thus they gave us this. I have specifically chose the type of room as we are both of a heavy size that we want more bed space. Dissatisfied. This is the last time I will book this hotel.

Chan B.
2016년 5월 23일 월요일
Location is good and convenience

Kenneth T.
2016년 5월 13일 금요일
Great Location and Great View
Overall stay was satisfying with swift check in at counter and hotel is generally clean. Hotel pricing is not competitive given that boutique hotel nearby are able to compete in terms of similar service level... Overall great staying experience.

Dawn L.
2016년 5월 4일 수요일
Good location, and friendly staffs.

Myron C.
2016년 4월 26일 화요일
Booked a room but gave me different room!
I booked a room and the description was 1 king and 1 queen bed. Excelsior said there is no such thing. So why is it in your booking list?