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양호함 6.6
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  • 숙소 위생 상태 6.4
  • 부대시설 7.3
  • 위치 8.5
  • 객실의 편안함 6.5
  • 직원 태도 6.2
  • 가격 대비 6.6
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 5.3

Jennifer E.
2015년 12월 15일 화요일
Backpacker's Hostel
Good location
Room is very small. Elevators are used for other services such as loading construction debris/materials. Entrance to the building is quite scary. Hostel has different name. Outside the unit we stayed smells bad.

Jennifer E.
2015년 12월 14일 월요일
Hostel for backpackers
Passenger elevators are used as service elevators at the same time which is not good. Shower room smells bad.

Debbie M.
2015년 11월 25일 수요일
Friendly staff and a great location
good location, and staff are always friendly
Great staff. Very friendly and helpful. Clean and comfortable and very spacious

2015년 11월 22일 일요일
Bien pour le prix et hong kong
price, staff, clean
verry good, good staff, clean, no problem. i will come back

samuel C.
2015년 11월 18일 수요일
New London Hostel
First of all we arrived at the place(because i cannot call it a hotel) late due to flight cancellations from manila due to APEC so we were expecting a very comfortable and reliable place.we have lots of luggage because we are about 5persons.we went to the place and to our disappointment its not yet the place its just a room. We were transferred to another bldg. which is 1.very small 2.dirty 3.bad smell.the entire bathroom which is small also smells really bad. 4. The person in charge is always sleeping. 5. No cable chanels all chinese how can we understand that chanel. 6. Too many downstairs offering variety of services. We wont be going back here. And i wont use agoda anymore. Because agoda should rechecked all the details of their subscriber. They have earned so much thru this channel its about time to give us something back

Aris R.
2015년 11월 16일 월요일
nice for stay with low budget
location, clean and cheap

Bryce N.
2015년 9월 29일 화요일
It was good for value

axcelzepe B.
2015년 6월 25일 목요일
value of money, friendly staff
First time,the entry way make us have a little scare. But after first day,we used to the entry way. We are OK and enjoy with i

robin S.
2015년 6월 16일 화요일
New london hotel was staring at me so I gave it a try. Very friendly staff and decent price. Room was very clean and I slept very well that night. Will definitely recommend to friends who need a place to crash for the night.

dong H.
2015년 6월 13일 토요일
clean chep staff
The room clean Friendly staff location