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6.7 Sun C.
2014년 10월 13일 월요일
good location and food
foot, location

6 Andri H.
2013년 12월 4일 수요일
The place is good enough, but Batur Lake is bad
cheap, cheap, cheap
not a quite delightful, we should go through slippery road and sharp bend in the road. Danau Batur view was dirty. Wifi is not working, and there are so many fly when we eat our breakfast at hotel restaurant

5 withoon S.
2013년 9월 28일 토요일
the room was not cleaned enough
bicycle for rent, near mt. batur, near lake
the room was not cleaned enough and bolt of bathroom is not good

6 Tanja H.
2013년 6월 12일 수요일
Excellent location to trek Batur Volcano
Good location, nice surroundings, reasonable price

7.7 Krit Y.
2013년 5월 18일 토요일
Peaceful place
Friendly staff, High speed internet and river view.
First thing that I like is a friendly staff then hi-speed internet. Breakfast are bread omlet and coffee.

6.7 Hendi W.
2013년 4월 15일 월요일
Good location to start tracking to Mount Batur
adventurer hotel, quiet environment
There is a tour package from hotel to track to Mount Batur

7.7 Qing W.
2013년 2월 22일 금요일
the space is big but the location is hard to find
fresh air
It took us several hours to find that hotel, but the environment is good. It is near the lake and moutain.

7.3 DIREK C.
2013년 1월 22일 화요일
Good Location for trekking Batur
Nearly Batur Volcano and Batur Lake
I have 1 night in Hotel Segara with my friend before trekking Batur Volcano. Hotel has good and basic rooms for cheap prices. Hotel well located to start to trekking in the early morning . Don't buy a tour to trekking Batur with the hotel.I found a cheaper offer to trekking directly with the local guides than the hotel offer.

2.3 lillie A.
2013년 1월 19일 토요일
poor yet limited choice in the area
not a great deal- large outdoor space, convenient location for the area
irritating ongoing staff requests for money for the internet, despite being told that it was free when booking in advance. hideous bathroom, though i've seen worse- and an putrid relentless smell coming from the kitchen that was truly inescapable. told breakfast was included and instructed to sit down, then upon ordering, told that they did not have food- convenient!

5.7 HUI H.
2013년 1월 17일 목요일
good view, nice hotel
garden, room
the hotel is near the lake, and surrounded by mountains. the temperature there is low so the quilt is thick. however, due to the humid weather, the room is also humid, I sweet a lot during night. but over all, the hotel is very good, it is a good place for star gazing.