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포우사다 데 산티아고 호텔 (Pousada De Sao Tiago Hotel)

Avenida da República Fortaleza de São Tiago da Barra, 마카오 시내, 마카오, 마카오

우수함 8.5
이용후기 252건

아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

여행자 유형 선택

이용후기 252개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 9.0
  • 부대시설 8.0
  • 위치 7.8
  • 객실의 편안함 9.0
  • 직원 태도 8.7
  • 가격 대비 8.0
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 8.3

9.3 Then W.
2015년 10월 5일 월요일
quiet, lovely, comfortable
crew form hotel are very nice, make me feel vip in this hotel.

9.3 Terry L.
2015년 8월 3일 월요일
Service supports in a decent hotel
quiet environment for relaxing, excellent facilities and setting in the room
swimming pool not really good for kids Weak wifi signal Unfriendly 24-hour advance notice for car pickup and delivery service

9.3 Kevin M.
2015년 8월 3일 월요일
Awesome place!
Comfort, steam room, pool

10 Sarah B.
2015년 7월 9일 목요일
Diamond in the rough
Amazing bath, delicious meals and great service
Our stay was delightful. The hotel is well refected in the online site, with well appointed spacious suites. Added touches included a complementary mini bar for non alcoholic drinks and good quality bathing products. Highly recommended

9.3 Peter C.
2015년 6월 14일 일요일
Privacy, good food, location

9 Dirk F.
2015년 5월 23일 토요일
Staycation for non-Gamblers
Heritage, Spacious Suites, ease of access to old town
We did not regret having chosen this place. The Suites are huge, and very modern. At the same time, the heritage of the place has been left intact. Dinner was nice although not as fantastic as some have described it here. Breakfast was disappointing: very limited choice, staff not forthcoming at all (maybe due to language limitations); no Mocca, but also not mentioned that they have Chocolate. Although some distance away from town, very easy to get there by bus.

9.3 Boon A.
2015년 5월 7일 목요일
Wonderful relaxation place
the decorations, the staff, the room
the services I receive from the staff was fabulous.

10 Jeannette O.
2015년 4월 15일 수요일
FABULOUS stay at a historic site
the room. the food. the nostalgia.
This place is terrific. I wanted to stay longer. The staff is warm and friendly. The hotel oozes with charm and history. The food was excellent. The bathroom has everything you could ever need/want. The location is great. We could do the historic walk just by walking out the door and turning right. We were there on 15th birthday of Macau and were treated with fireworks we could see from steppong outside and turning left. Sure there is no elevator here. But it is full of charm and class and they carried my heavy monstrous bag for me so enjoy the stairs fkr the exercise and appreciate the history of all those walls have seen and heard before you. I dont know why anyone would want to stay at a casino if they could pick this place. It is worth coming back to Macau just to stay at this hotel!

9.3 Sze W.
2015년 3월 20일 금요일
Good hotel
Room, Staff, View
Good experience and nice trip

8.3 Michael H.
2015년 3월 17일 화요일
Unique Macau Hotel
1) located inside a historic fort. 2) near Maritime Museum 3) great restaurants: Paloma, A Lorcha