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이용후기 1138개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 7.5
  • 부대시설 6.4
  • 위치 7.0
  • 객실의 편안함 7.5
  • 직원 태도 7.3
  • 가격 대비 7.1
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 6.9

5.6 Wan A.
2016년 5월 26일 목요일
A bit dissapointing
Room quite far to the lift. Maintainance part is a bit dissapointing..broken here and there.carpet a bit dirty

6.8 Kai Y.
2016년 5월 24일 화요일
Not a bad place to stay
Huge compound, had to spend time searching for the swimming pool. Could not switch off one of the bedside lamp due to faulty system.

6.4 Mohd F.
2016년 5월 27일 금요일
My room was located towards the end facing the swimming pool in which very very far from the lift lobby. There's only 1 lift lobby in the middle area. For family with kids, it is really inconvenient to walk that far just to reach your room. Surroundings wasnt very clean. Bath tub broken. Pool was not well maintained especially kids pool.

4.8 mahmood F.
2016년 5월 23일 월요일
Booking for room with lakeview...finally no lakeview at all...cleanliness worse to many hair inside the room...and old facilities...not value for money

8 Musnazril K.
2016년 5월 14일 토요일

6 Nik G.
2016년 5월 24일 화요일
require renovation
ceiling damage causing wet and slippery floor. very dangerous to kids who stay at high floor.

8.8 murugan S.
2016년 5월 12일 목요일
Good hotel for whoever dream to stay in a palace a
best hotel and it make feel like real palace.

3.2 Nasrullah M.
2016년 5월 18일 수요일
Poorly maintain
Bad experience

4.4 Mohd A.
2016년 5월 9일 월요일
Reception Staff
Have to wait more than 15 minutes for reception to check-in me. They see me standing at the reception table, but they do nothing.

2016년 5월 8일 일요일
Bad services - my room blackout!
upon check in everything was fine. next day the was totally awful!!!! we woke up at 8 and notice no electric in our room. I call operator and ask the hotel got blackout or only my room and she said my room only and will send the engineer to fix it. we wait until 9 no one coming!! we go out for breakfast and luckily the food was good. we back to the room 9.30 and call back the operator. she said ok i'll inform the engineer and we call back around 10.30 why no ones comes? she said im sory mams will inform back the engineer. we got nothing to do in the bedroom. no tv no aircond!! can u guys imagine it??? for me totally not worthy for my money. Last call around 11.30 i said no need to come because i want check out and when we on my way out around 11.45 the engineer guys come said i was inform that u going breakfast and after u back the operator girl not informed him. so what i notice here the big hotel sometimes have very weak communication and management. and sorry without action is nothing. our half day was ruin perfectly by the hotel management.