빌라 알즈훈 투어리스트 인 앤 레스토랑 (Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn and Restaurant)

162 V.P. Inting Street, Mansasa District, 탁빌라란, 보홀, 필리핀 - 숙소 위치 확인

보통 5.8
100% 생생리뷰 20건

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이용후기 20개
  • 숙소 청결 상태 5.5
  • 위치 6.3
  • 객실의 편안함 5.6
  • 직원 태도 5.3
  • 가격 대비 만족도 5.7
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 6.4
정렬 기준

juan / 스페인
개인 여행자
숙박: 2012년 4월 | 1박
place not bad
bad service and personal. not have hot shower and remote tv control. the room (103) is not clean and very noise. the staff lied about the price of moto taxi ex. hotel to chocolate hills is 2700 p. per person!!!!!!? we booked the room on agoda. ( information : free airport trafer ) we asked the staff to airport transport and then they told " no , not have this" but we read on brochure of this hotel in souvenir shop and it write that " free airport transport"...!
작성일: 2012년 4월 12일 목요일

Graham / 영국
개인 여행자
이그제큐티브 스위트
3박 | 2012년 1월
Not really up to scratch
The lovely location overlooking the strait and 5 minutes out of town
The location has much to offer but the management and service standards don't match the location. The staff were sufficient in numbers but not attentive or smiley, preferring each other's own company and playing around on the hotel computer situated in the reception area to attending to the guests. Food and drink choices were good but portions were sparse and the waiters struggled to remember to bring the items ordered. The bedroom was clean but very basic, although the bed itself was very comfortable. The bath was non functional and the apology for a shower failed to produce anything better than a trickle of tepid water. Be prepare to be disappointed - the hotel needs a radical management overhaul.
작성일: 2012년 2월 8일 수요일

Daniel / 스위스
숙박: 2012년 1월 | 1박
Great location next to the strait, tiny room
the view from the restaurant
the room was a very tiny room, downstairs, no view, nothing "superior" about it, food was fine, staff a bit clueless but friendly, great view of strait, far from anything. ok for a late arrival in tagbilaran and next day departure to panglao.
작성일: 2012년 2월 5일 일요일

Brian / 뉴질랜드
숙박: 2012년 1월 | 1박
Beautiful sunset view from hotel restaurant
The local food in the restaurant was really good
this place is good for a one-night stay. they didn't have working internet while we where staying. the rooms don't match the beauty of the outside hotel and are very basic and hot. the place is more like a small convention centre and has a very beautiful view of the estuary/bay which is a highlight of the hotel. the food was good in the restaurant but they did have ants running around on some of the tables
작성일: 2012년 2월 4일 토요일

Robert / 영국
2박 | 2011년 12월
Nice hotel but staff were not helpful
Nice hotel, with swimming pool
the rooms were fine, if a little tacky. the dinner was excellent but the breakfast the next day was abysmal (small and undercooked). the staff were not very helpful and even chose to ignore us when we asked for information. also our room was next to the bar which kept playing extremely loud music.
작성일: 2012년 1월 3일 화요일

출장 및 비즈니스
숙박: 2012년 1월 | 1박
작성일: 2012년 4월 27일 금요일

Sidonie / 프랑스
그룹 여행객
2박 | 2015년 1월
Aucun sens du service
La piscine, le wifi
Un hôtel situé à Tagbiliran, plus près que Panglao, si l'on veut aller excursionner dans Bohol (Chocolate Hills, tarsiers). La piscine est bienvenue, vu qu'il n'y a pas de plage. En revanche, l'hôtel, situé en bord de route, est très bruyant et il ne faut pas compter sur les nombreux employés à ne rien faire, pour rendre service. Franchement très décevant.
작성일: 2015년 1월 20일 화요일

Christian / 캐나다
주니어 이그제큐티브 스위트
2박 | 2014년 2월
Hotel laissé à l'abandon
Malheureusement, notre séjour à cet hôtel a été plus que décevant. Il était recommandé dans 2 de nos guides, alors quelle déception à notre arrivée. La plancher de la chambre était sale, il n'y avait pas d'eau chaude, le mobilier vraiment désuet et laid et l'hôtel semblait être à l'abandon. Il n'y avait pas le service de restaurant tel que décrit dans les guides. En fait c'est le prix de la chambre qui nous a vraiment dérangé. C'est frustrant de payer aussi cher en Asie pour ce genre de chambre et d'hôtel sans service et assez loin du centre de la ville.
작성일: 2014년 3월 18일 화요일

Guenter / 독일
이그제큐티브 스위트
3박 | 2011년 12월
Einfache Unterkunft in idyllischer Lage
Schöne Lage direkt am Meer mit Swimmingpool
Selbst die sogenannte Executive Suite war von der Ausstattung her sehr einfach und für philippinische Verhältnisse völlig überteuert. Die ganze Anlage erinnerte eher an eine Jugendherberge. Selten habe ich auch dermaßen ekelhaft verschmutzte Toiletten erlebt.
작성일: 2012년 1월 9일 월요일

Phuong / 베트남
숙박: 2011년 12월 | 1박
Khach san de thuong nhung phong nho
Phong canh dep, yen tinh, than thien.
Mot ky nghi dang nho, phong canh o day dep, con nguoi de thuong va than thien, tuy gia ca dat hon o Manila va Cebu, phong cung hoi nho va hoi thieu anh sang nhung co the chap nhan duoc. Nhan vien rat hieu khach va giup do tan tinh.
작성일: 2012년 1월 8일 일요일





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