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반타얀 아일랜드 네이처 공원 앤 리조트 (Bantayan Island Nature Park & Resort)

Tami-ao, 반타얀 아일랜드, 세부, 필리핀 6052

좋음 7.5
이용후기 55건

아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

여행자 유형 선택

이용후기 55개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 7.5
  • 부대시설 7.3
  • 위치 6.7
  • 객실의 편안함 7.6
  • 직원 태도 8.6
  • 가격 대비 7.4
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 7.3

5.6 Nanette S.
2016년 3월 9일 수요일
Almost ok. But...
Cost of transportation to and from the hotel is expensive.

10 Dagmara W.
2016년 3월 1일 화요일
The owner is really nice, as well as the staff. The surroundings are really pretty, the restaurant is great, the pool is very big and the view is beautiful. The cottage is all right, tough we had many ants, but it is normal around nature. Everything is really great. There are many attractions on the area of the resort, such as fish spa or mini zoo. We will definitely come back! :)

7.2 miguel P.
2016년 2월 15일 월요일
Nice place but expensive for what it is
Nice to spend a day or two. Very relaxing atmosphere. It's about 30 min with a vehicle from santa fé, where the actual beach front is... But they have a pool. And the staff are very nice.

7.3 Christiane B.
2015년 9월 30일 수요일
Bantayan Island: A Wonderful Experience
Great food, location to Virgin Island, friendly staff
It was really a memorable experience not just because of the beach but the varieties of activities you can do while staying in the resort like caving and animal watching.

2015년 6월 22일 월요일
good foods good pool cave pool
really good but far from Santa Fe

8 ma. P.
2015년 5월 8일 금요일
Great Customer Service
customer service, value for money
The best thing I like about this place is the excellent customer service you'll get from their friendly staffs especially the management team that will go above and beyond to make sure you'll have a pleasant vacation. The place have no beach only swimming pool and an underground cave pool. There is nothing special about their rooms and food but the price is very reasonable and affordable. This place is best if you want a quiet getaway.

9 Bremeline M.
2015년 2월 18일 수요일
Relaxing getaway
Staff, Landscape and View
We had an amazing time at this resort. It's located about 20mins from the harbour but they will organise a transfer for you upon your arrival and also departure. Its tucked away amongst lush greenery with an amazing view of the water. It doesn't have beach access and is a bit isolated from the town so you can't walk anywhere. However, this is only adds to the charm of the resort as you have no distractions other than to sit back and relax. They have a full restaurant and bar area so you can have all your meals on site, or by the pool overlooking the water. They also a natural cave pool! The staff are amazing, especially the management team. They went above and beyond to assist us during our stay. Its a family run resort with a very laid back and friendly vibe. I can't say enough about this place, stay and enjoy a different side of the Bantayan Island and its beautiful people.

5.7 Henje G.
2015년 1월 31일 토요일
Nice view
View of the ocean.
Villas are too primitive.

4.3 Vladislav K.
2015년 1월 6일 화요일
Poor mngt\No beach\Mediocre food\Friendly staff
And the junior staff was nice and friendly.
Well.. the hotel was a shadow of what you can see on Agoda. Only junior staff was friendly and nice. Everything else was a miss: small dirty beach, dirty pool, broken tile near the pool, lizards in the room - I saw them twice, dirty towel, they forgot to put the toilet paper, mediocre food in the bar, nothing like seafood or tropical fruits. Rusty fans, dirty billiards with destroyed sticks (3 of 4 were useless). And now location - small island with few hotels and nothing more. One of them got really nice beaches - I saw it on my way back to the airport. =( Nothing to do, nowhere to go. And the Cebu island was also lacking a basic souvenirs shops not to mention any other things. This country has nothing to offer but the nature. ps Later they told me that the owner preferred to donate money to island's community and forgot to repair his own hotel. Well, that's noble so if you're reading until this point - there's a chance that those pictures will become try again. Anyway, I'll never come back.

3.7 Ron J.
2015년 1월 1일 목요일
Good Staff Poor Location
Staff courtesy, Pool, weather.
Not very good.The location is 8 hours travel from Cebu by bus and ferry .The food was very ordinary and not resort quality.The facility has a pool and the sea below dirty water.No other Resort type facilities and not much to do.Wi Fi is very unreliable.Staff were very friendly and efficient and do their best but to sum it up its a bit of a dive...