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아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

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이용후기 71개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 7.4
  • 부대시설 7.7
  • 위치 8.7
  • 객실의 편안함 7.4
  • 직원 태도 7.4
  • 가격 대비 7.6
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 5.8

9 Rok P.
2016년 2월 20일 토요일
nice. in the first sea line
location, room is nice and quiet, very clean
Very nice room, with nice view, close to dive centers, and bars.

9 Tomas L.
Czech Republic
2016년 2월 12일 금요일

9.3 Ana I.
2016년 2월 12일 금요일
Value for money hostel
Location, cleanliness, space
Very pleasant. The place was more than what I paid for as the room was big and clean. And they also provided purified water for free which I appreciated, as I was travelling with children.

9.6 Miriam D.
2016년 3월 23일 수요일
Will Surely stay here again
Good hotel for diving and snorkling. Right beside great dining options!

7.3 David W.
2016년 2월 2일 화요일
Not bad
Location, balcony, AC
Was ok. Could have had a nicer bathroom

South Korea
2015년 12월 9일 수요일
location and view
good .

7.7 Joaquin S.
2015년 9월 14일 월요일
Good location for divers
Location, ocean view
We spent 3 nights at the bungalows, as I'm a diver, and the shop is right next door, the place was a good choice. It is simple, but sufficient; for us it was just the place to sleep and have our luggage, day times where spent under water ;-)

3.7 chris B.
United States of America
2015년 7월 7일 화요일
No staff
Air con too loud to keep on at night. Constant motorbike revving outside the front of the hotel. Marginal amenities. Dirty floor. No shampoo.

5.3 Mark Y.
2015년 6월 12일 금요일
was expecting much more
location food view
our aircon was busted when we got their very warm. enginering tried to insist it was fine. after arguing with them they replaced it with another unit (they used our chair to step on to reach the aircon looking at the mans dirty feet i wanted the chair taken out of the room immediatly after) but still same they replaced the busted aircon with a busted aircon. i demanded to exchange room only after 4 hours of frustration and tired from the long landtrip. thats when the manager confirmed the aircon they replaced was due for repair the next day indeed. pillows are horrible as well it was tiny and uncomfrotable didnt feel clean. i ended up using the blanket as pillow, it was that bad. checked out next day instead of spending another night there!

4.3 Kathrina B.
2015년 5월 10일 일요일
directions to the loc is not clear
stock of water, good price, comfortable beds
Satisfactory! We arrived in Moalboal proper around 4 in the afternoon but we found the hotel around 6 pm. It was very difficult to locate it.I think they need to put signboards. Reception i not 24hrs so any inquiries during night time, there will be no one to answer it.