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워터프론트 에어포트 호텔 앤 카지노 막탄 (Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan)

1 Airport Road, Lapu-lapu City, 막탄 아일랜드, 세부, 필리핀

아주 좋음 7.8
이용후기 3169건

아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

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아주 좋음

이용후기 3169개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 7.7
  • 부대시설 7.8
  • 위치 8.8
  • 객실의 편안함 7.9
  • 직원 태도 7.8
  • 가격 대비 7.5
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 7.4

Nicodemus A.
2015년 12월 11일 금요일
nice service
1. near airport 2. couteous service 3. very clean

2015년 12월 11일 금요일
I booked a room for my sister and her hubby
Near the airport
When my sister and her hubby checked in the hotel the staff said its fully booked. How come it's fully booked. I fully paid a deluxe room for them but they were given a standard room because it's fully book .

Melinda M.
2015년 12월 11일 금요일
location/clean/good food more selection
good comfortable relax from the trip

Admond Q.
2015년 12월 11일 금요일
Good hotel. Convenient
Casino, club, near airport

Jeff H.
2015년 12월 9일 수요일
Terrible Service
1) Proximity to airport; 2) large room; and 3) live music
I stayed in an executive suite for a few days with a view of the airport. They don't have executive suites overlooking the pool for some stupid reason. The room was very large (almost too big because it included a dining table for eight). The bathroom was very large as well, and had separate sinks for a couple. However, the shower was small. Too small. I barely had enough room. Who designs an extra large bathroom with an extra small shower?! In addition, the toilets wouldn't flush properly. It would always take several attempts. This is the "executive suite". The breakfast buffet was okay. We had dinner in the lounge one evening during their live music performance. The band was great, but the hotel service was crap. After waiting 10 minutes, I had to go ask someone to bring us a menu. The waiter looked sloppy for a 4-star hotel. When we ordered, he wasn't sure what was available (we wanted the salmon). After dinner, we ordered dessert, but it took 30 minutes! Are you serious? Another couple was experiencing the same frustration as we were. The funny thing is if we got up and walked away without paying, the entire hotel staff would run after us to pay our bill. But if we need service, no one is available. I definitely prefer the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City. You would think these hotels would have the same service, but they are completely different.

Vicente J.
2015년 12월 8일 화요일
Excellent stay
Hospitality, comfort and location
We had a great stay at hotel...

matthew W.
2015년 12월 6일 일요일
Excellent stay
Room quality, buffet quality, overall presentation
I was very impressed with this hotel it is situated right next to the airport for easy access upon arrival. The overall presentation of the hotel was excellent everything looks upper class and high quality and the staff were efficient and friendly. The room quality was also excellent with a vintage design, nice art, and a marble finish in the bathroom. The buffet available is also of excellent quality the food choice is excellent and ambience is nice with piano background music and lots of attentive staff available. Overall I was delighted with my stay here and would certainly stay at this hotel anytime and would be my first choice for any trip to Cebu

Earl M.
2015년 12월 6일 일요일
Room service food is bad
Location-just infront of the airport, decent looks and clean ,staff were ok.
food needs alot of improvement. facilities are still ok- they are well kept. staff was OK. a little too pricey.

robert W.
2015년 12월 6일 일요일
A Disgace to Philippine Culture
The reception staff were dusgusting. It was as if I was a monster. They were rude and refused every request. Room was untidy and not ready on arrival. Bustro was expensive and same menu kunch and dinner. Spa and massage was good. Only stay here if you have to

maria B.
2015년 12월 4일 금요일
Beautiful excellent hotel
Excellent, right price , good service
This hotel is perfect one of the best airport hotel in Philippines at the right price. We will visit this hotel again. And the staff is so helpful